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Liu, Xinyan. Language of Instruction in Higher Education. CIHE Perspectives No. 10. This report showcases research undertaken by Xinyan (Sissi) Liu, a student in CIHE’s Master of Arts program in International Higher Education. It is a joint product of CIHE and the International Association of Universities (IAU), and addresses how language is playing out in higher education institutions and systems around the world, in an age in which the English language so effectively dominates the global landscape of politics, economics, and highly cited research. https://www.bc.edu/content/dam/bc1/schools/lsoe/sites/cihe/CIHE%20Perspectives%2010_18_DEC2018_FINAL.pdf

Rumbley, Laura E., and Hans de Wit, eds. Innovative and Inclusive Internationalization: Proceedings of the WES-CIHE Summer Institute, June 20–22, 2018, Boston College. CIHE Perspectives No. 11. This issue is the result of a cooperation between World Education Services (WES), headquartered in New York, and CIHE, and is based on the findings of the 2018 WES–CIHE Summer Institute on Innovative and Inclusive Internationalization in Higher Education. The collective result of the research by MA and PhD students provides meaningful insights into internationalization of higher education as perceived and studied by the next generation.


Wu, Yan, Qi Wang, and Nian Cai Liu, eds. World-Class Universities: Towards a Global Common Good and Seeking National and Institutional Contributions. Global Perspectives on Higher Education, Volume: 42. Based on the findings of the Seventh International Conference on World-Class Universities, World-Class Universities provides updated insights and debates on how world-class universities will contribute to the global common good and, in doing so, will balance their global, national, and local roles. https://brill.com/abstract/title/39594. ISBN:  978-90-04-38963-2