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Philip G. Altbach, Edward Choi, Mathew R. Allen, and Hans de Wit, eds. (2019). The Global Phenomenon of Family-Owned or Managed Universities. Global Perspectives on Higher Education, volume 44. Rotterdam, Brill Sense Publishers. The phenomenon of family-owned or managed higher education institutions (FOMHEI) is largely unknown as well as undocumented, yet there are literally hundreds of such universities around the world, both in the nonproft and for-proft sectors. This book is the frst to shed light on these institutions, which are an important subset of private universities—the fastest growing segment of higher education worldwide. FOMHEI are concentrated in developing and emerging economies, but exist also in Europe and North America: we have identifed FOMHEI on all continents, ranging from marginal schools to well-regarded, comprehensive universities and top-level specialized institutions.

Hans de Wit, Miguel J. Escala, and Gloria Sánchez Valverde. (2019). Internationalization of Technical and Technological Institutions of Higher Education in the Caribbean/ Internacionalización de Institutos Tecnicos y Tecnologicos de Educación Superior en el Caribe. CIHE Perspectives No. 15. Boston College Center for International Higher Education.

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